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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a declaration of how Geeks Phone Support uses, collects, and discloses personal and other information. We provide services in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you have any doubt about working with us while protecting yourself then our privacy policy will explain everything to you. You will get to understand what information we need from you, how we are going to use it and how we will safeguard it while expertly doing our work. Geeks Phone Support truly respects your privacy and therefore is bound by its policy to make sure you and your personal information stays secured. Also, when you submit information, through email, chat sessions, to the company’s technical experts or use the service Geeks Phone Support provides, you “Agree” to the privacy policy mentioned hereunder.

The information that Geeks Phone Support needs from you:

While visiting our website you need to provide us with certain information and that may be of personal nature or the type of information that our websites collects based on the demographics for getting business data purposes. Personal information that you have to give while filling out a form at our website on the Contact Us page or when subscribing to our newsletter like your name, email id. This information is solely used for contacting you in case of informing you about our products and services in which you are interested. For us to contact you, we need certain accurate information about yourself or your company. But, do not worry as the personal information will never get out in any circumstances.

Using your Email ID

You must understand that we are only going to use the information like your Email ID furnished to us by you to communicate with you and inform you about our latest products and services. If you opt for email correspondence then we will save your Email ID along with the messages to serve you better. When you register online, you must understand that you are allowing us to communicate with you using your email ID

  • Your personal information is only used:
  • To inform you about our latest products and the services that we offer.
  • To cater to your needs while working for you.
  • To enhance our products and services by taking valuable feedback from you.
  • Each and every precaution measure is taken by us to ensure the correct use of the entire information provided by you.

Cookies – Web Information

When you pay us a visit at our website we collect some type of information for our company's improvement and data purposes and one of the most important piece of information that we get is the use of cookies. This is automatic as in when you visit our website it is designed to collect the data about the cookies. You must know that this data is used on aggregate form and not on personal basis. This data is used to track your visit pattern, the feedback will help Geeks Phone Support to improve its website based on the pattern results and in turn serving the clients better. You must know that cookies don't allow us to take any of your personal information. It is just a piece of data sent by the web server to the browser that shows about the users' preferences on the website. If you don't want to get cookies then you can simply change it in your browser settings.

Getting your IP addresses

IP addresses are the unique numbers that your computer gets while accessing Internet. When you visit our website our web server automatically collects your IP addresses as part of its demographic data (traffic data) so that the page that you request to visit can be sent to you.

How is Geeks Phone Support going to use it?

Your personal information is only going to be used for direct marketing and for the above mentioned purposes and nothing else. Rest assured that your personal information is totally safe with us. However, you will always be provided with an option to opt out of our correspondence and receiving notifications from us whenever you deem it necessary.

Do we disclose your information to any 3rd party?

In simple language yes we do, but you won't have to worry as we have got valid reason for that and we only disclose your personal information when it is absolutely necessary and no option left. We can disclose your information:

  • Only to the any contractors, agents who are working on our behalf for betterment of our products and services.
  • To any government authority for security reasons or in time of liquidation in bankruptcy or any transfer of assets.
  • To any law enforcement, government or judicial authority in case of violation of our terms and conditions and where it's necessary to identify you and take legal action against you to protect our property or clients or public.

For remarketing purposes

We use cookies that extract certain information while you visit our website. We use cookies to understand and remember your preferences, the items in your shopping cart, tracking patterns for improving our site, collecting aggregate data and tracking advertisements, etc. all for improving and bettering our services.

Remarketing with 3rd party vendors

We also use 3rd party vendors for their remarketing cookies and tracking cookies that are going to help us serve you better. This won't harm you or your identity in any way. The 3rd party vendors like for instance Google are the vendors whose services we use to offer you impeccable products and services. With the help of tracking cookies we can inform you about the latest products and services in which you had once shown interest. We can also offer you special deals and offers through the use of these 3rd party cookies.

Opting out is also an option

You can opt out whenever you want from our regular communication. By visiting the Ads Preference Manager, you can opt out of the use of cookies. You can also opt out of 3rd party vendor use of cookies by just visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page and following the easy instructions.

Third party links

Our website may also have links to 3rd party sites for whose actions we cannot be held liable. Our privacy policy does not cover that. Geeks Phone Support can't be held responsible for the actions of third party sites that are featured in our website. Other sites may place advertisements on our sites, however, we do not take guarantee for their actions or the results you expect them. It is purely for advertising purposes. They can also collect your information for which Geeks Phone Support won’t be responsible.

You agree to this

By reading the above policy, you agree to the use of your personal information for the above said purposes. We are committed to work in compliance to the highest standards of the industry and safeguard your privacy. The confidentiality of all the information that you furnish or our demographic and profile data extracts is kept intact. This policy is subjected to change, if any updates happens, you will know it here!